Lazio survived an incredible thriller at Bergamo

The Atalanta and Lazio teams did not win a victory in their 17th round in the A Series. The two teams, however, created a true Hollywood thriller as the match ended with a 3: 3 result. Guests can be pleased that they managed to get to the point after being twice behind in the score, but they both managed to make a draw. Matthias Caldaras (19) and Josip Ilichic (12 and 50 years old) were exact for the Bergamas, and for the Romans were Sergei Milinkovic-Savic (27 and 35) and Louis Alberto (79).

The hosts started the game with two quick goals. In the 19th minute, Anderra Petanja centered for Matia Caldara, who headed the ball into the goal for 1: 0. In the 22nd minute, Alejandro Gomes with a long long pass led Josip Ilicic in the penalty area and the volley of Slovaque scored for 2: 0.

Lazio, however, managed to return to the match. In the 27th minute Sergey Milinkovic-Savic was allowed to advance through the center, after which the Serb made a technical strike on the ground and surprised the goalkeeper for 2: 1.
Again Milinkovic-Savic was also the scorer of the 35th minute. Then Marco Parrolo got into the pennant and returned to the Serb who scored 2: 2 with a strong strike.

At the start of the second half, however, Atalanta returned the lead in the score. In the 50th minute, Father Batsch made a backlash against Gomez in the penalty area and the judge pointed to the white point. Ilichic again made the 11-meter shot and was accurate to 3: 2.

In the 70th minute, the hosts could do everything in their favor after Caldara again sent the ball into the goal but the shot was not overtaken by ambush.

This allowed Lazio to recover and in the 79th minute the guests managed to re-equalize the score. They set up a magnificent one-touch rap attack as Luis Alberto was brought out in the penalty area and coolly realized for 3: 3.

Lazio is then ranked 5th with 33 points. Atalanta is now ranked 7th with 24 points.