Liverpool has failed to break the broken UBA with all of his stars

Liverpool failed to defeat West Bromwich’s defense and scored a disappointing zero draw at Anfield in a midfield match in the Premier League. This score against the “thrusters” just above the relegation area cost the fourth place in Merseyside where Tottenham got a better goal difference.

Merseyside manager Jurgen Klop this time had decided to bet on the entire “amazing four” – Salah, Mane, Kouttinho and Firmino, but this was not enough for the “reds”. Karius started at the door, and Trent Alexander-Arnold, Emre Gian and Georgin Vainillum also started. McLean and Krichhwak were UBA holders.

The first half offered a familiar scenario in terms of knowing the ball – the hosts did it in 70% of the time, but it was not materialized. In the 18th minute, Salah made a great centering distance to the far beam, where Firmino scored from a small angle but sent the ball inches away from the target. Half an hour later, the guests were a bit less shocked by Anfield after a cannon shot of 25 meters landed on the crossbar.

In the 38th minute, Salah did not reach for a few meters of a good centering of Alexander-Arnold. At the end of the section, there were blocked strikes of Firmino and Salah.

At the beginning of the second part the guests had good opportunities. First, Crychwick fired a foul on the left, the wind changed the trajectory of the ball and she headed for the door, but Karius slaughtered. In the ensuing corner, the home keeper’s intervention was even better, firing a shot with Jacob’s head to the nearby beam. At the next corner kick, Heshita knocked his head, but the ball crossed the door.

There were two big omissions of the hosts. A 12-meter-long Mane strike went sideways, and Salah caught Arnold’s head-centered center but could not find the goal again.

In the 65th minute, Foster mistaken and dropped the ball in an attempt to catch it after Mane’s centering. Niom, however, cleared the goal line by not allowing Wainlund to take advantage.

In the 82nd minute, Reserve Dominic Solanke still sent the ball to Foster’s door, but his shot was canceled because of the attacker’s hand. The decision was strongly challenged by the hosts, but the repetitions showed that the ball ricocheted first in the attacker’s body and then actually touched his hand.

Two minutes later, the Merseysides did not lead by a miracle. Foster scuffed Oklady-Chamblerle with a body, and then Solanke’s add-on was cleared of the goal.

Liverpool is now in fifth position with 31 points. UBA is 17th with 14 points.