Liverpool has paid over 170 million pounds to Southampton

Liverpool has transferred 170,5 million pounds in the last four years to his opponent in the Southampton soccer championship, according to accounts after the transfer of Virgil Van Dijk, which was completed on Wednesday. The Dutch defender is the sixth soccer player of the “saints” who passed to Anfield in this period of time. Liverpool took the lead in the last four seasons with Ricky Lambert, who signed with the Merseyside in June 2014 for the £ 4million. He actually returned with money at the club that freed him much earlier in his career, but this time the striker did not succeed.

Lambert scored only three times in 36 games and went to West Bromwich. Adam Lalana signed with Liverpool in July 2014 after Southampton accepted a £ 25m offer. Under the direction of Jurgen Klop, he entered the form that years ago made him one of the leading midfielders not only in the domestic championship, but also in the national team. This season, however, Lalana is being injured. Deyan Lovren followed Lalana with a £ 20m transfer. The Central Defender was recruited as a substitute for Jamie Carragher’s late career, but it was difficult to keep up with this responsibility.

His form dropped significantly, and Anfield’s viewers never saw what everyone was expecting from Croatian. In July 2015 in Liverpool Nateale Klein arrived against the sum of 12.5 million pounds. He was attracted to the right-back champion and showed persistence that won him a place in England’s national team for the European Championship in 2016. However, he has not played for the current season because of an injury. In June 2016, Liverpool paid 34 million pounds to Southampton for Sadio Mane. Senegalese certainly earned the money after he started very hard in his new team and finished the previous season with 13 goals in 27 games. He became an integral part of the “Amazing Four” along with Philippe Coettinho, Roberto Firmino and Mohammed Salah.