Mainz breaks Freiburg with two courageous goals

Mainz 05’s team defeated Freiburg 2-0 in the match between the two Bundesliga teams in the 30th round. It was a direct clash between two of the teams fighting for staying in the elite, so the three points earned by the hosts are of double value. Pablo de Blasys was the author of both matches in the match, as they were quite curious. He found the score in the 45th minute of a penalty kicked after the half-time after VAR. In the 79th minute, the Argentine doubled after a great mistake by goalkeeper Aleksandr Smolov.

The first half was not very exciting, and the positions in front of the two doors were virtually lacking. In the 45th minute, a shot in the direction of the door was halted by Mark-Oliver Kempf. At first the judge did not see what had happened and played the part. A few minutes later, however, he decided to look at a repeat of the situation with the VAR system and judged that there was a penalty, even though the guests were already in the dressing room. They had to return to the pitch, despite the serious protests on their part, and De Blasys realized the penalty for 1: 0.

The second half was more interesting. In the 57th minute De Blasis’s dangerous shot went past the door. Then, in the 63rd minute, Tim Kliddienst was about to get his own goal as he headed the crossbar. In the 73rd minute, the striker now shoots the right door but shoots over the beam.

In the 79th minute Mainz came to a second goal after a real gift. Goalkeeper Švolov extremely foolishly gave the ball to Robin Quaison, who immediately handed De Blasis who shot in the empty door and with the help of the bar scored for 2: 0.

In the 89th minute Freiburg could have returned a goal after a shot by Nils Petersen fired from the beam.

In the end, Mainz won the match and now has 30 points, ranking 15th in the table. Freiburg has the same number of points, but the poorer indicators in direct matches are already 16th in the standings.