Marseille slipped into the final

Olympique Marseille’s team is the second European League finalist. The French team lost a 2: 1 defeat to Red Bull Salzburg, but with a total score of 3: 2 continues. Actually in the regular time the hosts reached 2: 0 after the goal of Amadou Aydara in the 53rd minute and Bona Saar’s own goal in the 65th minute. The hero of the French was Rolando, who scored such a striking shot for 2: 1 in the 116th minute of the second sequel.

But in this match, the main player was the judge Sergei Karasyov, who made a large number of fatal errors in both teams. In the second goal of the hosts, no apparent ambush was given to Moans Damur. Then Marseille will not get a penalty kick for Caleta-King in the penalty area. Finally, the attack on the guests came from a non-existent angle.

The hosts came out with two in the attack in the face of Moans Damur and Fredrik Gulbrandsden. Behind them is Xavier Schlager.

The guests were on the way to Valer Germen at the top of the attack, and behind him were the dangerous Dimitri Pue, Lucas Ocampos and Florian Taven.
Before the start of the meeting, fans of Marseilles lit many torches and a mist settled over the terrain that delayed the initial alert for a few minutes.

The first interesting situation in the match was at the door of Salzburg. Paye swung from the beam into the field and Adil Rami jumped too far, but stood above the crossbar.

In the 13th minute the hosts reached their first goal in the match. Dabour took over the front field and led usar on the ground, but too weak to hinder goalkeeper John Pelle.

A minute later, Glumbrandsen fell into the penalty area after a defender, but the referee did not see any reason to give a penalty.

In the 17th minute Morgan Sanson attempted to finish roughly, but his shot from the left was cut short.

In the 37th minute Salzburg received a foul on the left-hand corner. Valon Berisha centered in high places, but Luis Gustavo was able to counterattack with a corner kick.

And the second half began with an interesting attack on the guests. Valer Germen made a good effort on the right hand side, but he missed the goal by miles! However, Lucas Ocampos mastered the ball on the back beam and tried a diagonal shot but was inaccurate.

In the 49th minute there was an even better chance for Marseille. Pueve got the ball down and scored right in front of the keeper, but did not get the shot as it was out of the question so he turned the ball towards Valere Germen who blasted the ball into the pitch just behind the corner.

Almost from nowhere, however, Salzburg reached goal in the 53rd minute. Amadou Aydara received the ball almost in the center of the field but on a parade crossed several opponents of the opponent, then coldly realized for 1: 0.

In the 58th minute, the Austrians were close to a second goal. Ramalio made a real shot of about 30 meters, and only Pele’s brilliant intervention saved the guests from a second shot in their door.

A minute later, Moonas Dabur found himself in a firing position, but he missed it with a rather inaccurate stroke.

In the 65th minute, the Austrians scored a second goal, which equalized the outcome of the two matches. The ball was centered on land in the penalty area, Marseille’s defenders did not respond well and gave it to Xavier Schlager, who made a hit, and after a rickets at Buna Saar’s leg, she landed in the net for 2: 0. However, the goal is quite controversial, as there were two offside hosts who were influenced by the game when they entered the pennant.

This further inspired the hosts and in the 69th minute Caleta-Tzar fired dangerously with his head past the door. A minute later, Juan was kicking and Pele was the last barrier to the goal.

In the 73rd minute, Marseille was close to the goal. Pye centers in the field and Okampus shoots with his head as the ball lands on the crossbar.

In the 86th minute the French requested a penalty for a clear game with Caleta-Tsar’s hand in the penalty area, but the judge passed the situation.

In the 90th minute Clinton N’Jie received a magnificent central approach, but the ball flies back to the crossbar.

The regular time of the match ended with a 2: 0 score, meaning that both teams had to play extras after the total score of the two matches was equal to 2: 2.

In the 92nd minute, guests created the first opportunity in extra time. Angisza shoots from volley from the border of the penalty area but away from the door.

In the 99th minute, however, John Pelle was again a hero of Marseilles, rescuing with a remarkable reflex shot with a head close to Caleta-Tzar.

Two minutes later, Valon Berisha sent a tough shot from the goal. Then there was a brilliant opportunity in front of Damur, but his diagonal shot did not find the outline of the door.

In the 104th minute Luis Gustavo tried his hard kick from a distance but without much success.

In the 116th minute Olympics came to an invaluable goal. In a cornering rotation, Rolando was dropped and closely knocked into the door for 2: 1. And here, too, there was a big mistake in the judges, because the corner was not real because the ball left the field after contact with the body of Lucas Ocampos.

In the 119th minute, the nerves peaked and Aydara pulled a second yellow and red elbow against Dimitri Pye.

So Marseille slipped to the final in Lyon on May 16, where he would face a battle for the trophy against Atletico Madrid, who eliminated in the other semi-final the Arsenal team.