Messi: I have to work over the penalty shootout

Barcelona star Lionel Messi thinks he has to work over the way he shoots. He spoke before the Russian edition of Blic Sport, sharing his ideas about the future and interesting things about his family.

“I want to be perfect, so there are still things in my game to work on to reach the optimum level. Which ones exactly? The shocks. I need to train this component more, “Messi said.

“I will hardly become a coach after I quit, but I may change my mind at a later stage. At home we rarely talk about football. There must be something special around Barcelona or Argentina to raise this topic. I think I live a completely normal life. Yes, sometimes I would like to bring my family out without constantly stopping for autographs. It is wonderful for me to be a father, this is one of the best things that have happened to me so far, “added the Argentinean.