Mexican coach: The football is not for actors

Mexican coach Juan Carlos Osorio indirectly accused Neimar of playing a simulated game during the eighth finals that the Mexicans lost to Brazil by 0-2. Neimar scored a goal and helped Stelesao’s success, but several times he played against him.

“We had an advantage in knowing the ball, but the referee often interrupted the game and killed the pace, there was a stop for the game for four minutes, which is not good for football, we do not have to deal with football acting.” Judge too often stopped the simulation game “I am talking about Neimar, I have not mentioned his name, that’s your interpretation,” Osorio said.

“Mexico has shown that it can play good football against a class team like Brazil.” We did not have the class in front of the goal, the first half we knew the ball, we pressed our opponent but we could not physically support it, and we hope to continue to build. European clubs to play against the best every week, so our national team will improve their level, and I want to say a big thank you to our fans and apologize for not meeting our goal to qualify for the quarterfinals. publ kata us is the best in the world, “commented coach of Mexicans