Mourinho confirmed the big news – Ibra, Pogba and Roho are in the band for tomorrow

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho confirmed the assumption in the English media that long-absent because of injuries Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Markos Rohho and Paul Pogba are ready to play. The three are fully recovered and will be in the group for tomorrow’s match with Newcastle.

“Players who have stayed here during national team matches and recovered from injuries, even those who have had great injuries, are ready to play, including Pogba, Ibrahimovic and Marcos Rojo.

Now I can talk about Paul because he came back. I could not do it when he was injured, but you can clearly see how Manchester United was performing before Paul’s injury and then. Last season Ibra played almost every minute. This season we learned how to play without him, but he is very important to us. The way he struggles with this injury shows that he is an incredible person. While he was injured, he was the same professional as he ever was. Can Zlatan and Lukaku play together? Good players can play together, it’s easy. Marcos Rhocho also missed us a lot. He’s already playing with the young on Wednesday and is good. He is ready and confident, “Mourinho said.