Mourinho for his big rival: If Wenger is happy, and I’m happy

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho commented on the decision of one of his great rivals in England, Arsene Wenger, to leave Arsenal after the end of the season. The conflicts between the Portuguese and the French are emblematic, but the Special says he has respect for Wenger and hopes he will not end his career after the end of the season.

If he’s happy, and I’m happy. If he is sad, and I’m sad. I always want the best of my rivals. If he is happy with this decision and looks forward to the next challenge in his career and life, I am also happy. I’m sure we as a club, especially given that Mr. Wenger and Arsenal have long been Manchester United’s greatest rival in Sir Alex’s era, will show Mr. Wenger the respect he deserves, “Mourinho commented.

The Portuguese was also asked if he regrets some of the emblematic ironic epithets, such as the “voyeur” and the “failure specialist” he used to address Wenger. “It’s not a pity This is a typical question from a man who is not in this country You do not know how we respect one another even when sometimes it seems that such respect is lacking The same is true of the players, who receive red cards for aggressive entries or insults to their rival, and at the end it turns out that perhaps greater respect for each other is manifested by those who have had problems with each other, a clash of forces, qualities, ambitions. But we are in a business, so people respect each other and respect I know what it means to win three titles in the Premier League and seven Cups of England, and I know what it means to win three titles in the Premier League and seven Cups of England. And it’s not just that, and what he did in Japan and France, what he gave to Arsenal before the titles, moving from one stadium to another … we all know what he did, so once again – if he is happy with this decision, and I’m happy. I hope he will not step out of football. “