Mourinho laughed at Man City for Alexis Sanchez

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho, who has just signed a new contract with the club, has identified Alexis Sanchez as a very lucrative player despite the huge salary the Old Trafford player will receive. (according to some sources, its size would be 450,000 pounds per week, while others say it will reach the mind-boggling 500,000). The Portuguese also found a way to laugh at city rival Manchester City, who at the last moment missed the former Arsenal player.

Asked why Sanchez preferred Manchester United, given that everyone thought he had already agreed with Man City, Mourinho replied: “I do not know, I know if other clubs have failed to take it, it’s not because of a money problem Analyze the figures and you will see that Manchester City, Chelsea, even Everton have spent more than us, and you have to look at this case in the following perspective – how much would Alexis cost if he had three more years of his contract? the amount would range between £ 100 and £ 150 million. “Alexis could he had a great choice but decided to come to us asking him why he was expensive or cheap I think everything is fair This is a very good deal for us.

Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola says he has refused Alexis to “preserve the stability of the club.” Mourinho, however, wounded his rival with his version of the “sour grape”: “The case with Alexis reminds me a little of that metaphor, where you see a tree with amazing oranges on top of it.” When you can not reach them, you say you will those that are lower because you do not like those at the top but you like them just because they are so juicy, so mature, so round, so full of juice but you can not reach them. you want to climb there or you prefer others I think the story with Alexis resembles it a. ”

Special emphasized that he did not make any contribution to Sanchez’s attraction, and that transfer was made only thanks to Manchester United’s club leadership.