Mull in the Old Trafford Tunnel! Mourinho, with his bottles, blood on the face of a Guardiola assistant

The passions in the Manchester derby, which was won by the Premier League leader by 2: 1 and largely neglected the intrigue at the top, have heated up to red after Michael Oliver’s last referee signal. According to reports in the English media, the Old Trafford tunnel has reached battle scenes.

The Manchester City players stayed a little longer on the pitch to celebrate their success with their fans. On his way back to the red-dressing manager, Jose Mourinho made angry comments to the guests. The Citizen Guard, Ederson, responded to him in Portuguese, and then the two entered a turbulent discussion. Manchester United players have followed the Special in the corridor and joined the dispute. In the subsequent melee, Mourinho was hit with empty plastic bottles of water, and was overwhelmed with milk.

According to witnesses some of the players have exchanged strikes, and Michel Arteta, one of the assistants of Josep Guardiola, has had blood on the face as a result of an arcade.

It is claimed that a total of about 20 players – players and staff from the clubs of both clubs – have joined the mall.