Napoli is ahead of Inter for Deulofeu

Barcelona’s Gerard Deulofeu’s wings are close to Camp Nou. Most likely, he will return to Italy, where last season he made strong matches with Milan’s team. Inter and Napoli are now interested in him. Yesterday, Deulofeu’s agent was spotted in Naples for talks with the leaders of the A Series. Barca will agree to release Deullofe for 20m euros, but Napoli hopes to drop the price by 4-5m euros.

The possible deal also depends on Simone Verdi. Bologna’s star must decide whether to go to San Paolo by the end of the month or after the end of the season. Bologna has already accepted Napoli’s offer, and if Verdi puts on the sky-blue team, the Deullofe option might fail. Separately, the Spaniard himself prefers to go to Inter, but the “Nerazzur” wants him to rent while Barcelona is pushing to sell him.

One thing is certain: after Philippe Kouttinho’s arrival, 23-year-old Deulofeuf will have to look for luck away from Cam Nou.