Napoli – Sampdoria 3: 2

The Napoli and Sampdoria teams played 3-2 in a 18th round of the A Series. Ramirez was right in the second minute when he did not leave Pepe Raine’s chances after a 30-meter hit.
Allan equalized in the 16th minute with a shot of several meters. Fabio Cualiarela of the penalty shot gave the “sailors” a new shot in the 27th minute. Lorenzo Insierie equalized in the 32nd minute after Dres Mertens.
The Belgian assisted for Marek Hamshik’s historic victory in the 39th minute, making him the most successful player for Napoli with 116 hits. Just a week after equalizing Diego Maradona, he is now a sole leader in the shooters of the Azzurri.

Players of Maurizio Sari are looking for a mandatory success that will guarantee them the first place at Christmas.