Neymar goes to war against Barcelona

The most expensive footballer on the planet, Neymar, has sued his former Barcelona club for an estimated € 30 million. The sum was paid to the striker of Paris Saint-Germain for the re-signing of his contract with the Catalans in October 2016.

According to the agreement, Neymar had to get a certain amount twice, but after his transfer to PSG, Barcelona never paid the second installment. At the same time, the club plans to take a counter against Neamar.

They will want him to return the bonus he has received, as well as another € 9 million in compensation. The Catalonian thesis is that he is not entitled to a bonus because the contract is broken off on his own initiative before the date for the payment of the second installment. Barcelona blames Neymar for leaving Barcelona to lose 75m euros.

Certainly the news is unlikely to be enjoyed by Barcelona fans, but when it comes to court, the attitude towards Neymar in the Catalan capital will deteriorate sharply.