Neymar missed a perfect moment to honor Cavani

Saint-Germain smashed Dijon’s team with 8: 0 with four goals to Brazilian star Neymar, who assisted and for two more, on top of the pitch waving his head disappointed. Despite his performance today, there was a serious group of PSG fans who were booing him when he refused to give Essonne Cavani a penalty kick in the 83rd minute for 8-0. So far, the result was 7: 0 and Cavani, who scored 3-0 in the 21st minute, needed a goal to become the top scorer of all time in the club.

It was a perfect moment to show Neymar that the relationship between the two was getting better, but apparently the Brazilian wanted to prove something else and took the ball to score his fourth goal in the match. The audience also began to chant the name of the Uruguayan striker, but Neymar was jealously made to not hear or react.

The incident between the two of September, known as a penalty shootout, broke out after Cavani did not let Neamar beat the penalty and missed it. At the end of the match, Neymar took the ball from the referee – something that was accepted for the players with a hat-trick in the match, but he did not look very happy when he left. He then returned to the dressing room, despite his choice of a player, and did not wait for the reporters to interview.

“Maybe he is a little bit bit more, which is understandable: a player can not score four goals and his own audience boom,” said Toma Munij from PSG.

It should be noted that Cavani was not angry and went to congratulate Neymar after the penalty shot.