Neymar: The soccer world still respects Brazil, we are ready for the title

On the eve of the 2018 World Cup prize, Brazilian star Neymar gave a curious interview to FIFA’s official website. In it, Paris Saint-Germain striker revealed his expectations for the presentation of the “seleaso” at the world finals in Russia and highlighted the role of Tite coach for the progress of the team’s performance.

– Is there a team that Brazil wants to avoid the draw?
– No. We are ready to meet every opponent. This is a world championship and here are the best teams. You can not point one and say it’s easier than another. I’m impatient for the draw, but I do not think he’s so important. This is one of the cases when you put the popcorn in the microwave oven and the whole family gathers in front of the TV (laughs).

– How good is luck to play a role for who will become a world champion?
“I do not think sporting happiness can bring the title to a team. Champion will be the one who has prepared the most hard and can show his real abilities against each rival, both in the group stage and in the eliminations.

– Brazil seems to have regained respect for the football world it lost after the 2014 World Cup. Do you agree?
– Yes, it is. Now we are more respected than we did 3-4 years ago. People look at us differently. At last Brazil is the team to which everyone is admired. We enjoy football and fans in Brazil believe us. We have every reason to be optimistic before the World Cup.

– How important would it be for your career to present you at the 2018 World Cup?
– I have mixed feelings after the 2014 World Cup, where we hosted. It did not end for me as I had hoped. I dreamed about the title, but it did not work. I suffered and cried a lot. It was a terrible week. I kept wondering why all this happened. Then I realized that everything that happens in your life makes you stronger, even if you do not realize it right now. You learn how to be stronger and more prepared next time. I think we will achieve success in Russia. I will give all my strength to win the title.

“You’re pushing a lot of goals, but you do a lot of assists. Which brings you more pleasure?
“Both, and the other, but only when things are going well for my team – be it Pari Saint-Germain or Brazil. I always aim to score goals, but if I can give my teammate, that’s what makes me happy too. The feeling is almost the same. – Are players born or become involved in training?
– You have to learn from early childhood. You should not just think of yourself because football is a collective game. I’m from the players who like to take responsibility and end the attacks themselves, this is one of my strongest sides. But I also like to give and create things for others.

– Complete the sentence: In 2018 Neymar will …
– (laughs) In 2018, Neamr will be very happy at the World Cup.