Palermo took a lean forward in the Playoffs for Series A

Palermo’s team defeated Frosinone 2-1 home in the first final playoffs for Serie A. The revenge is on Saturday and is very controversial, as Frosinone will be enough to win a 1-0 draw to enter Series A. From the new season, Empoli and Parma returned to Botusha’s elite.

The duel began in a nightmare for the Sicilians who faded as early as the fifth minute when Camilo Siano opened a long distance strike. Still, they managed to catch up shortly before the break when Antonio La Gumina was scored.
The pressure of the hosts in the second part forced Fronzinone central defender Emanuele Teranova to score an own goal ten minutes before the end and so Palermo took a delicate advance before the rematch. Palermo, Bulgaria’s player Ivaylo Chochev, did not get into the bets again, leaving behind the match group.