Pep: Congratulations to Wigan, they had one shot at the door

Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola was extremely angry during and after yesterday’s match against his team against Wigan. The third-division team kicked out the Premier League leader from the England Cup after Will Grig scored the winning goal 11 minutes before the end. At the end of the first half, the “skyscrapers” stayed with a person less after a direct red card discussion board by Fabian Delf. This decision infuriated Guardiola, who was on a break with colleague Paul Kuwek on the break, as they both came close to physical assault in the tunnel.

There were also riots on the pitch since the last Judgment signal. Sergio Aguero hit a fan who had invaded, and the “citizens” supporters were throwing policemen and stewards with billboards and seats.

The Football Association will certainly look at this series of incidents, with penalties likely to be imposed.

“Congratulations to Wigan for their rankings, they had one shot at the door, and we created many opportunities, even when we were ten, we made a mistake, these matches are like the finals, OK, we take the loss, I do not regret the way we played , Wigan won, congratulations for them, and now we have to rest and prepare for the final against Arsenal, “Guardiola said.