PSG has shown who is the ruler of France at the moment

Pari Saint-Germain’s team beat 2: 1 Monaco in the big 14th round of League One. Two of the big contenders stood against Louis II, but Parisians showed that this season they were the lord of France. The visitors won with Essonne Cavani in the 19th and Neimar in the 52nd minute of the penalty shootout. However, they dominated the whole game and made a bunch of gaps in front of Daniel Subasic’s door, and once the beam helped the Monegas. The hosts managed to return the intrigue at the end of the match, returning a goal through Joao Moutinho in the 81st minute but the justice triumphs and the turnaround did not happen.

The hosts started the match with Balde Keita and Radamel Falcao in attack, and Joao Moutinho was supported by a backward position.

The PSG hinged Atomon Cavani, Neimar, and Kilian Mabé on the atomic attack. In the middle of the pitch, Julian Draxler, Adrien Rabio and Marco Verratti acted.
Right from the start of the match, guests missed a great opportunity to discover the outcome. Neimar, with a magnificent pass, pulled Mabape to speed, the young man even eliminated goalkeeper Daniel Subashic, but then his shot did not find the outline of the door.

Monaco responded with a chance to Balde Keita in the 6th minute, who received in front of the penalty area and without delay made a blow that flicked over the door.

In the 8th minute, the events were again brought to the front of the hosts. Mabape is centering on the ground to the right, Cavani is out of the ball, and Julian Draxler did not manage to direct her into the empty door.

In the 19th minute, Parisians came to the opening of the score. Julian Draxler was taken to the penalty area and managed to hand over to Essonne Cavani, who sent the ball below the crossbar for 0: 1.

After a certain lull in the 42nd minute, the guests organized a dangerous counterattack, and Draxler shot a shot that was saved by Subashic.

The second part started with a new wonderful opportunity for the guests. In the 47th minute, they set up a quick attack, Mabape handed over to Cavani in the penalty area, and returned to the invading Neamar, whose shot flipped off the beam. A minute later, Mabape jumped himself against the goalie and attempted to pass it, Subashic managed to touch the ball, and eventually defender defeated the goal.

In the 50th minute, Neimar broke off and was thrown back in the penalty area by Almai Toure, and the judge pointed to the white point. The Brazilian himself executed the penalty and doubled the lead of his team.

In the 68th minute, Adrien Rabio decided to make a long throw in the distance. A minute later, Mabape advanced at speed and fired powerfully, but also without success.

In the 70th minute came one of the few situations for the hosts. Falcoo shoots about 25 meters but extremely imprecise.

In the 73rd minute, Mabé once again made an unforgivable pass. He glanced at Subasic, but somehow he again sent the ball past the door. Two minutes later, Cavani missed a great deal. He found himself unmarked in front of the goalie but his shot flew to the corner.

And instead of reaching a third goal for the guests, the 81st minute was the opposite. Monaco wins a foul on the pennant’s limit. The penalty kick was made by Mutinyo and after a ricochet in the wall, the ball was in the PSG door for 1: 2.

In the 85th minute, Radamel Falcoo shot Alfonso Areolla’s door, but the goalkeeper had a good position and caught. The Parisians responded with a powerful joke to Angel di Maria from a foul saved by Subasic.

In the end, however, PSG congratulated itself on the success and now has 9 points ahead of the pursuers Lyon and Monaco. Sofia residents have a total of 38 points, while the other two teams occupy the second and third positions in the 29-point table.