Salah took a break, but then Stoke broke out

Liverpool achieved a classic 3-0 victory over Stoke City on the inhospitable “Bet365 Stadium”, and seven consecutive matches are no loss. Again, all in the selection of Juergen Klop was Mohamed Salah, who was left on the bench for the start, but appeared in the 67th minute and realized two goals (77 ‘, 83’). Previously, Sadio Mane, who assisted for the Egyptian’s first goal, opened the score (17 ‘).

Peter Crouch, who has just signed a new contract with the potters, started for the first time as champion in this season. Bruno Martins Indy also started for the hosts. Liverpool’s great news was that Jurgen Klop bet on Dominic Solanke, who was the Premier League champion for the first time with the Merseyside team. Mohamed Salah and Philippe Coutinho were left on the bench for the beginning. Sadio Manne and Roberto Firmino returned, and Dejan Lovren, Emre Zhang, and Georgin Vainillund were also holders. The duel began with a slight advantage to the guests who led in the 17th minute. Joe Gomez centered on the right, from the outfit itself, the hosts claiming the ball has left the field. Such a signal, however, did not follow, and the defender centered on Solanke, who found Mane well. The Senegalese transferred Lee Grant, who touched the ball, but she entered his door – 0: 1. Oklahda-Chamberlain and Solanke missed two more worse opportunities for Merseyside. In the 40th minute, Simon Mignole, who wore the captain’s belt, was close to defeating once again his team after he stepped out of his penalty box and stumbled on Diouf himself. The Liverpool winger could well get a red card in this situation, but he only missed a yellow. The hosts did not get any benefit from direct free kick.

A minute before the break, Sadio Mane failed to double. The Senegalese looked up with Grant, but his shot met the left beam.

At the beginning of the second half, Joe Allan shoots from a clean position to the side of the door, wiping a great opportunity to equalize. In the 53rd minute Oksleyd-Chamblain did a very good break on the left flank, but Fyrrino could not detect his passing.

At the 67th minute Mohammed Salah appeared on the stage, who decided everything in favor of Liverpool. The Egyptian made 0: 2 in the 77th minute when he detected a very good centering of Mane from the air. Six minutes later, the Premier League scorer leader formed the classics after taking advantage of Stoke’s defensive defeat and went out on his own against Grant. The goalkeeper went forward, but Salah fired under his plinth. It was his 17th goal since the start of the season.

Liverpool climbed to fifth position with a total of 26 points. Stoke is 16th with 13 points.