Scandalous judging error helped Valencia vs Barca

The Derby between Valencia and Barcelona at the 13th round of the Spanish Championship Mestya stadium finished without a winner – 1: 1. Rodrigo Moreno in the 60th minute gave the bats the lead, but in the 82nd Barcelona guests equalized with the fall of Valencia’s former left back Jordi Alba. The match could also have developed in a different way if the judges had a regular win on Lionel Messi in the first half. In the 30th minute Valencia’s goalkeeper Neto made a gross mistake and allowed the ball to cross the goal after a shot outside Messi’s penal field, but Judge Ignacio Iglesias Vilanueva did not respect the Catalonians’ protests and signaled the game to continue.

Thus the difference of 4 points between the leader in Barcelona and the second Valencia remained, with both teams still defeated from the start of the season. Barca’s advance to Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, however, was cut from 10 to 8 points.


Valencia’s coach Marcelino Garcia Torral was punished for the match today and did not lead the team from the bench. Belgian defender Thomas Vermalen has begun to replace the penalized Gerard Pique in the center of los cules.

Paulinho and Ivan Rakitic tried their luck with distant shots in the opening minutes, but in both cases Netto intervened steadily.

Brazil’s batsman, however, made a terrible mistake in the 30th minute when it came to the most curious and scandalous moment in the derby. After a strike from the bow of Lionel’s penal field, Mesi Neto in a very ridiculous manner dropped the ball and it passed between his legs. The more important thing, however, was that it went through its full volume, and television repetitions showed it clearly. The guests protested, but the referees, just like the goalkeeper of Valencia, made a gross mistake and did not get the shot.

Seconds after, the hosts organized a dangerous counterattack in which the Italian striker Simone Dzendza, who returned after injury, shot dangerous on the ground, but the ball went inches away from the target.

Shortly afterwards, Neto intervened far more convincingly after a missile of Messi’s foul, and Barcelona’s players were definitely the more active team in the first half.

In the 42nd minute Netto saved a shot from Luis Suarez, and immediately the defender blocked Messi’s shot attempt.

Valencia – Barcelona 1: 1 + 38

At the start of the second half, the hosts claimed a penalty kick for a violation of Samuel Yumtiti against Joffrey Kondogbia in the penal field of the Catalonians. Shortly thereafter, Dzhezza threatened Marc-Andre Stegen’s door with a foul on the ground, but the ball went aside from the door of the German watchman. Ernesto Valverde’s players replied with an improper lead with Vermalen’s head in the 52nd minute.

Valencia – Barcelona 1: 1 + 38

The hosts played much better after the break and in the 60th minute they went ahead in the score. Gonzalo Guesesch got the ball to the left, dropped it slightly to Jose Gaia, and the final defender with a precision pass found Rodrigo Moreno in front of Ter Stegen’s door and the well-placed striker did not make a mistake – 1: 0.

Valencia – Barcelona 1: 1 + 38

Shortly thereafter, the “bats” again attacked dangerously on the left, this time Guedez fell into Barca’s penal field and this ended the threat. In the 76th minute Netto saved a shot by Luis Suarez, and in the 81st Guesesh failed with a bad conduct of the ball a very dangerous counterattack of Valencia.

Valencia – Barcelona 1: 1 + 38

In the 82nd minute, former Valencia player Jordi Alba scored a great goal for 1: 1. The left back turned into the Catalonian attack and with a beautiful blow from the air after a brilliant feed of Messi stretched the net behind the helpless Net.

In the added time, Valencia was twice as close to a defeated goal but first reserve Andreas Pereira fired inappropriately after a good single action, and literally in the last few seconds, Dzza had the chance to strike Trier’s door with a blow from the air but his sight for successive This evening he cheated on him and the game ended without a winner.