Sevilla finished Atletico

The team of Sevilla is the first semi-finalist in the King’s Cup tournament. The Andalusians eliminated Atletico Madrid in the 1/4-minute derby after a second victory, this time 3: 1. Sergio Escudero opened the score as early as 1 minute, and Antoine Grisman’s brilliant goal in the 13th returned the hopes of the “matuscats.” In the second half, Sevilla again struck a blow to Ever Banega’s penalty shoot-out, which proved decisive for the final outcome of the game. The point of dispute was Pablo Sarabia in the 79th minute.

Sevilla played his strongest match under the guidance of Vincenzo Montetella and Atletico scored a disappointing result in the last week after losing his current rival to Wanda Metropolitano and then taking a draw against Girona’s newcomer in La Liga. Despite being guilty of both goals in the first match, Miguel Angel Moya again stood at Atletico’s door. The absence of injured Diego Kosta gave Kevin Gamayroe a chance to lead the attack, along with Antoine Grisman, and Diego Godin, Coque and Gabi Fernandez, who were given a break during the weekend, returned home.

For Sevilla, Lewis Murray, assisted by Pablo Sarabia, Franco Vasquez and Joaquin Correa, was in the top position. Veteran Jesus Nasus was returned as a right back.
The start was a nightmare for Atletico because Simeone’s team got a goal in the 26th second. Shime Vursalko dropped Escudero and he detected Sarabia’s good centering, raising Ramon Sanchez Pichuan’s audience to his feet.

The guests were given a chance to answer immediately, but Sergio Rico reflected José Jimenez’s head shot. In the 13th minute, however, the Sevilla goalkeeper had to take the ball off the net. Rico had gone a step ahead and Grizzman saw that after Gamayro took off his balls with a brilliant shot firing 1: 1.
Atlético’s players seemed to think the job was done and the ball floated in offensive. In the 16th minute Grizzman kicked over the door and then did little to get Gameiro to punish his former team. The Frenchman tried his head after Versalko’s center but missed the ball.

Grizzman continued to be very active and once more his shot went aside from the target. In the middle of the half-time, Angel Korea slipped into the penalty area but lost his balance and could not make a good shot, and free Gamayro was waiting for a shot.
Sevilla also attacked at every opportunity and this made the game very spectacular. The home team rebounded in the 48th minute of the penalty shot by Banega. The violation was Saul, and the experienced Argentine fired a cool shot at the beam – 2: 1.

Atletico needed two goals again, and Chilo Simeone quickly made offensive shots by releasing Fernando Torres and Yanic Ferreira Carasco. The hosts, however, were on the wings of inspiration and could hardly miss the fight. However, in the 60th minute Diego Godin fired dangerously with his head but the ball went out.
By the end of the game, Seville’s controversies have created many problems with the diluted defense against Moja and logically resulted in another goal in his goal. The author of the shot became Sarabia in the 79th minute.

Atletico will try to break his negative run at home with Outsider Las Palmas in La Liga, and Sevilla is scheduled to play against Getafe.