Surprise: In Italy, Delio Rossi is a national coach

Jampiero Ventura is no longer a coach of Italy, and in recent times he has been speculatively speculating with his possible deputy.

In Botusha’s media, the names of specialists who could be at the head of the “Nerazzurri” immediately began to circulate. Among the favorites for a new coach are Carlo Ancelotti, Roberto Mancini and Massimiliano Allegri. Of them only Ancelotti is free after being released from Bayern (Munich). His appointment, however, will have been expensive for the local federation, and this may cause the soccer bosses to consider some more extravagant candidacies. Among them are Vincenzo Montetella, Claudio Ranieri and … Delio Rossi.

“The future of Montella, at the head of Milan, is not certain, and the probability of being released is great, and in such circumstances it will be free and easy to engage in. The situation around Ranieri is different. well in League 1. In addition, his contract with the French club is until 2019, “write in Italy.

“Interesting is also Delio Rossi, who was fired from Bologna in 2015 and for two years was out of work, and in the summer he again sat on the coaching bench, signing a 2-year contract with Levski. It is enough to mention the triumph of the Italian Cup with Lazio in 2009, “writes, citing a minus for Delio Rossi’s confrontation with Adem Ljajic during their stay in Fiorentina.