Surprise in Italy! Series “A” no longer has an unbeaten leader after the offshoot of Meazza

The Italian Serie A has no unbeaten leader since Inter surprisingly collapsed to Udinese’s own Giuseppe Meazza who had no win at this stadium in 2014 (in 2013 they defeated the “Nerazzurri” with 5 : 2 as a guest) and were in a series of five defeats against this rival.

Kevin Lazani again blammed Inter with a goal in the 14th minute but only 71 seconds later Mauro Ikardi equalized. Thanks to the VAR system, the guests received a penalty shoot-out with David Santon’s hand and Rodrigo de Paul was accurate to 1: 2, while Antonin Barak in the 76th practice ended the argument.

The best defense in Calcio was cracked three times, the VAR system was crucial for judging a penalty in favor of Udinese in the second half, in which the hosts in an inexplicable way handed over the initiative from its very beginning and were logically punished twice. Luciano Spalletti changed the tactics with three defenders at 1: 2, but in a counterattack, Barak largely countered the outcome of the match with the third goal one quarter hour before the end.

The only good news for fans is the fact that Icardi already has 17 goals in Calcio and continues to lead in the championship ranking, as well as 95 hits with the team of “neradzuri”, which is in the top 10 in the history of the club.

So there are only three clubs in the big European Championships without defeat – Manchester City in Premier League and Barcelona and Atletico (Madrid) in the Primera Liga. Especially Inter was unbeaten after 16 rounds last season in 2007/08 when the team came to Scudetto.

“Nerazzurri” remain at the top with 40 points, but Napoli (39) and Juventus (38) can change that. Udinese is 11th with 21 points.

The first opportunity for the hosts came in the 4th minute when the centerline to the left of Marcello Brozovic went to the far beam and there Matthias Vesino with his head could not find the frame. However, Ivan Perisic’s omission was greater in the 8th, when Mauro Ikardi served the ball well on the right, and the Croatian with a karate technique fired from a few yards but could not find the outlines.

Surprisingly, the “zebras” took the lead in the 14th minute after Davide Santon first did a good job of taking the ball but dribbled to his own penalty area and lost it at the expense of Silvan Vidmer. He then fired Borja Valero, who was injured, and the centering of the ground was caught in the net by Kevin Lazanja, who overcame Milan Skrinar and Danilo D’Ambrosio – 0: 1.

Less than 120 seconds were needed for Inter Milan’s answer – the cool control of Antonio Koundreva’s air ball was followed by his great centering in the small foil, where Icardi was merciless and equaled to 1: 1.

After the equalizer, Inter players began to shoot from almost any position and without taking the distance, such as Marcello Brozowic’s shot from a volley after a clear corner from the corner could be one of the goals of the season but inches away from beam.

The Nerazzurri finished half-time with 18 strokes on their account, 7 of which were in the outline of the door, but Albano Bzarri’s real reflex was not so much tested because the shots were mostly from a long distance.

Only 34 seconds after resuming the game, Udinese made a great counterattack and Kevin Lazani lost a 100% position after Samir Handanovich’s inadequacies from a clear position ahead of the goal-keeper for several meters. Inter goalkeeper, however, made another phenomenal rescue during the season and kept his team from trouble.

In the 53rd minute, Mauro Icardi missed a clear position with a few meters from the goal, unable to find the frame after a nice centering on the right. In the 55th Silvan Wimmer centered on the outfield and Santon stopped the ball by hand as the referee awarded a penalty after a VAR system. The discussion was eventually going out of the pitch, but Rodrigo de Paul was eventually scored by the white point uncompromisingly – 1: 2.

In the 68th, Milan Skrinjar hit the beam after overtaking all of them and finding a good centering of Vesino. Luciano Spalletti changed his tactics and played with three defenders as he took out the sinner Santon and dropped the teenager Ian Karamo.

In the 72nd other reserve, Roberto Gallidini, he had a chance to equalize, but his header shot after cornering was saved by Albano Bitzari. As Vesino receives a yellow card and misses the next match, Galliarini is likely to be the champion of Sassuolo’s visit.

The three-defender scheme did not turn out to be more effective for the “Nerazzurri” who were caught in the counter-attack in the 76th minute and Antonin Barak scored almost 1: 3 with a strike. By the end of the match, the hosts made some strenuous pressure and had a bad situation, but nothing very clear, which could not avoid surprise, especially since they only shot one shot.

Inter’s composition: Samira Handanovic; Danilo D’Ambrosio, Milan Skrinar, João Miranda, David Santon; Matthias Vesino, Borha Valero; Antonio Candreva, Marcello Brozowicz, Ivan Perisic; Mauro Icardi

Udinese: Albano Botsari; Jens Striger Larsen, Danilo, Bram Newton; Silvan Vidmer, Antonin Barak, Seko Fofana, Jakub Yankt, Ali Adnan; Rodrigo de Paul, Kevin Laszanna