Swansea’s new manager believes in salvation

Swansea City’s new manager Carlos Carvahal believes he can help the team get out of the Premier League zone. The 52-year-old Portuguese specialist also said he wanted to stay for a long time in the team, although he signed a contract only until the end of the season. “I will try to stabilize the team’s performance because I want to stay here for a long time,” Karvahal told the club site.

Yesterday, Carvalho replaced Swansea City Paul Clemant, who was fired for the poor start of the Premier League season. The team takes the last place in the ranking with only 13 points after the first 20 rounds.

The Portuguese was at the head of the second-division English Sheffield Wells in the last two and a half years. “I am confident in myself and in my headquarters We can help the team to finish the season in a better place in the rankings My future is not a problem I do not worry about a document on paper We have a lot of work to do, but we have good players and we have a specific goal We will fight for points in every match, regardless of the names of the rivals, “said Carlos Carvahal, who has worked with over 15 different clubs in his coaching career. The Portuguese will make his debut at Swansea City at Saturday’s 10th place in Watford.