The Guardian of the favorite in UCL: Where does Messi play?

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola flees from the role of favorite in the Champions League despite the phenomenal play of “citizens” and the historical results forged in the Premier League. “Where does Messi play? In Barca. Who is the favorite in the Champions League, “Pep said after the 18th consecutive victory in the English Championship last night.

The Catalan expert has criticized Rafa Benitez’s defense of Newcastle. “I would like the rival to play football. This is good for football itself, for viewers, for everyone. However, each manager is free to decide for himself. We have to look for a way to attack the enemy when they defend 11 players, and their central striker pursues our midfielder, “the City’s coach said sighly.

“I can not judge them. I think, however, that attacking football creates more chances. I believe the best way of defending is to keep the ball away from your field. Most people think completely different, but that’s why football is a great game. When the ball is close to our door, we are in danger. For example, at the last minute the ball was in our half, but when they defend themselves in their own half, it’s easier for us, “said Pep.

“We are happy that we do not allow so many goals. We started the second part of the season, we have 18 games and we will see how much we will need to become champions, “Guardiola said. Manchester City already has a clear lead of 15 points ahead of the second Manchester United.