The joy of Alexis’s first goal showed a division in Arsenal’s dressing room

Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez is at the exit of Emirates, and this is clearly seen in his communication with his teammates. Sky Sports analysts Thierry Henry and Graham Sunes saw the split in the joy of the Chilean first goal last night with Crystal Palace. The former Barcelona player led the “balls” to a 3-2 win as a guest. The video shows that only three players greet the golfer.

After the meeting, Arsene Wenger commented on Sanchez’s future. “I’m not afraid I’ll lose it in January. Such questions are asked about the situation with his contract, “said the French specialist. Regarding the supposed separation in the dressing room seen on the ground, Wenger was laconic: “I did not see that. There is no division “.

Last night, the manager leveled Sir Alex Ferguson in a number of Premier League games – 810, of which Arsenal recorded 468 wins.