They apologized for the curved lines in Mata’s canceled goal

Hawk eye support, which was used in the UK in the VAR technology tests, gave its excuses for the ridiculous graphics shown during the Huddersfield and Manchester United match of the England Cup tournament. At the very end of the first half, Juan Matta was eliminated for ambush after Chief Referee Kevin Friend sought the help of the video assistant. The situation was very thin, and the TV coverage was using a repeat and a flicker of curvy lines that caused a lot of jokes and criticism of the way the technology works.

The Hawk-Eye came out with a special statement, acclaiming their apologies for the distorted graphics, but said they had been mistakenly handed over to the television responsible for broadcasting the game. The video assistant himself has used a true straight line graph on the basis of which he has made his decision.

Ultimately, this episode did not affect the final outcome of the game, but Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho called for system upgrades to be introduced only after being brought to perfection.

The technology is still used in England only in some of the buyout games.