Three legends return to Zenith

The departure of Roberto Mancini has begun a major reorganization in Zenith. New senior coach Sergei Semak has received assurances from the management that he will receive sufficient funds for qualitative selection, but it will not only include expensive expatriates. Semaik himself wants to bring former Captain Igor Denisov back to the team, who became Champion with Lokomotiv (Moscow) last season. He has already talked about the issue with President Sergei Fursenko and has his approval. But there are complicated negotiations with Lokomotiv. The “Iron Man” are very pleased with Denisov and rely on him for his upcoming Champions League tournament.

Semak has another idea – to rely on veteran Alexander Ayukov. The 35-year-old right back was out of Manchini’s bills and was sent to the retiring team in the spring. However, Semak believes that the former Russian national may still be useful to the team and take it to the first preparatory camp. And to make piters even more pleased, the return of legend Andrey Arshavin is also expected. The attacker is currently playing for Kazakhstan’s Kazakhstan, and last season his team finished second after Stanimir Stoilov’s Astana. Arshavin may become Fursenko’s counselor or take another managerial post at his native club.

Last year his career ended with Alexander Kergakov, who is also part of Zenith’s “golden” genre. Currently, he is the coach of the teenage national team of Russia until 17 years of age.