Tottenham failed to defeat Man United

Tottenham beat Manchester United 2-0 in the clash between the two rounds of the Wembley Premier League’s 25th round. “Spurs” came to a win with Christian Eriksen’s goal in the 1st and Phil Jones’s own goal in the 28th minute. Londoners, however, may regret that they did not win much more convincingly, as they created many more in the game, and David de Hea has won some brilliant rescues. The guests also had occasional good looks at the door of Hugo Loris, but they were too few and the Red Devils did not find the right path to the opponent’s network.

The Spurs started the match with Harry Caine as an offensive striker, and Dele Ali, Christian Eriksen and Son Hyun-Ming behind him. Musa Dembele and Eric Dyer operated in the middle of the field.

At the same time, Alexis Sanchez was once again among the hosts as he acted behind the striker Rommel Lukaku along with Antoni Marciail and Jesse Linggard. In the middle of the pitch, Paul Pogba and Nemanja Matice started.
Only eleven seconds after the start of the match, Tottenham opened the score. Harry Caine fought for a high ball in the penalty area, Dele Ali attempted a blow that was blocked, but the ball fell into Christian Erikensen, who did not make a mistake for 1: 0.

Manchester United responded as a sting, and two minutes later, Paul Pigba with a great pass took Jesse Linggard alone against the goalie, but he broke and his shot was blocked by Hugo Loris.

At the 22nd minute, Dele Ali tried a volley shot and the ball went very far from the door. A minute later, Eriken led Cain to a firing position in the pennant, but the strike of the Englishman fell into the hands of David de Hea.

In the 28th minute the score was doubled. Keuron Tripper centered on the ground on the right, and Phil Jones caught the ball in his own door.

In the 30th minute, guests had a great new chance to return to the match. Antoni Marciail fired a dangerous shot, and Loris, with great interference, kept his door.

Tottenham claimed a penalty in the 31st minute when Dele Ali was stunned by Antonio Valencia in the penalty area but Judge Andre Mariner passed the situation without any reaction. Two minutes later, Son made a distant, but rather inaccurate shot that went high above the door.

At the very end of the half-time, Harry Kane got around the penalty kick and hit, but he was within reach of De Hea and the goalkeeper saved.

The first option for the second part was again on the hosts’ account. In the 49th minute, Son unleashed a strike that ran dangerously close to the beam but still out.

In the 55th minute, Manchester United was close to reducing the score. Lukaku freed himself from two defenders in the pennant and made a loud jerk close, but Loris with his brilliant rescue kept his door.

Cristian Eriksen’s penalty shot 65 minutes into the match seemed wasted, as the shot was both short and off target. A few seconds later, Ben Davis was on a firing position at the border of the pennant, but shot very poorly and right into De Hae’s hands. Then Kane searches the keeper’s vigilance again.

In the 69th minute came the next big pass of the Spurs. Son was taken to the penalty area and shot very closely, but De Hea was able to rescue him in a brilliant way.

In the 76th minute Cain had a great opportunity to fire the ball, this time the ball was only a few meters from the beam.

In the end, the victory deservedly went to the hosts’ account. This game did not change the current position of the two teams in the standings. Tottenham remains the 5th 48 points, but now it’s only 2 of the 4th Chelsea. Manchester United retains 53 points in the second place, but is already behind 15 behind Manchester City.