Welbeck sent Arsenal to a semi-final after a boring London derby

Arsenal’s team qualified for the 1/2-final in the League Cup tournament in England. “Gunners” defeated West Ham’s minimal 1: 0 in a rather boring London derby from Emirates. Both teams had made a lot of changes in their starting teams and this affected the quality of the game. The two-door positions were almost missing, but the hosts made their way to the 42nd minute when Danny Welbeck managed to scratch, and that was also the winning goal for his team.

Host manager Arsene Wenger has given some of his main players a break. In the attack he bet on trio Thio Walcott, Olivier Girush and Danny Welbeck. In the middle of the pitch, the game was built by Mohammed Elveni, Francis Koklen and Joseph Willock.

There were also some changes in the Chuckles. Andre Aue and Javier Hernandez started out in the top positions. Pedro Obiyang, Kina and Declan Rice were the trio in the middle of the pitch.
In the first half hour of Emirates, nothing remembered happened. Both teams played mainly in the middle of the pitch and the strikes on the two doors were missing.

In the 38th minute, Sead Kolasinazz received a corner in the penalty box and made a strong but rather inaccurate strike that crossed the door.

A minute later Arsenal finally created his first real goal opportunity. Collainsac with a great crosscountry found Tio Walcott in the penalty box, who never misses a good position with a head shot at the door and missed a great chance to discover the result.

In the 42nd minute, the hosts still led. Mattio Debussi got into the box and headed for Danny Welbeck. The striker’s first attempt to shoot with his head failed, but he was smart enough to close the ball to 1-0.

In the last minute of the half-time, Willox decided to try a long shot but did not get well and did not find the outline of the door.

The second half started again at a slower pace. Only in the 64th minute West Ham came to his first more interesting situation in the match. The guests won a foul in front of the pennant. Chicharioto executed the penalty kick as the ball flashed past the door.

In the 72nd minute a controversial situation arose. Joe Hart stumbled Danny Welbeck, but the judge judged the offense to be outside of the penalty area and ordered a foul and showed only a yellow card to the guest’s goal.

This was the last more interesting situation in the match, with Arsenal winning the victory and qualifying for the tournament, while for West Ham the road to the race was over.