Wenger confirmed: It is very likely that there will be a Sanchez-Mhitarian exchange

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger confirmed at today’s press conference that Henrich Mhhhtiaryan will be included in the deal on Alexis Sanchez’s transfer to Manchester United. According to the Frenchman, the operation is likely to be completed in the next 24 hours, but if that does not happen, Sanchez will play for Arsenal on Saturday.

“This whole story has been well documented in the media, so I do not have much to add, it may happen that it may not happen and if it does not happen, Sanchez will play for us on Saturday, for 30 years I’ve been working on transfers, so it is very likely that this happens, but at any moment or minute things can fail.While a transfer is not finalized, there is a chance it will not happen.There is no guarantee for these things.This is the transfer market. ”

Asked if Mhhhtiaryan would take the other way and become an Arsenal player. Wenger replied: “Yes, because I like this player, we have met many times while he was still in Dortmund, and he appreciates the quality of our game.” Salary will not be a big deal.

Wenger added that he was confident that the other expired contract, Messut Ozil, would not be sold this month. The experienced manager, however, kept silent about the possible transfers of Pierre-Emerich Obamayang and Johnny Evans, saying that for now, these things are better kept “in secret.” However, Bordeaux Malcom’s wings will not be attracted to the winter transfer window.