Wenger’s dream crashed into Atletico’s fortress

Atletico Madrid is the first finalist of this year’s Europa League. Diego Simeone’s team defeated 1-0 Arsenal on their Wanda Metropolitano with a total score of 2: 1 and secured a place in the trophy dispute. The only goal was Diego Kosta in the 45th minute after Antoine Grizzman’s great pass. A rival in the final of the “mats” will be Olympique Marseille, which eliminates after the red Bull Salzburg.

Madridians also had other good opportunities, especially at the end of the match, when Arsenal’s players depleted their physical strength. The “Spades” made a lot of effort, but Atlético’s defense proved to be an impenetrable wall for them. The first match of the Emirates ended 1: 1, with Arsenal taking the goal of Alexander Lakazet, and Antoine Grizzman equalized for the “matuscats”. Atletico played with someone less nearly all the time because of the red card of Shime Vrsalko.

It was the absence of Vrsalko’s penalties for Diego Simeone, because Atletico-Juanfran’s other right back was injured and could not play. Tomas was placed on this position today, who once again showed that he is doing well and as the ultimate defender. The other defenders before Jan Cloud were Diego Godin, Jose Jimenez and Luca Hernandez. In the middle of the field, the hosts played Gabi Fernandez and Saul, both of which flanked Vitolo and Koke, and the attack was led by Grissman and traumatized Diego Kosta. Another good news for Simeone was that left-back Philippe Luis, who was absent for nearly two months, was also ready to play and fell into the group. However, he remained among the reserves.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger could rely on Henrich Mhhhtiaryan who missed the match in London. The Armenian national did not start from the first minute. Danny Welbeck, Aaron Ramsey and Mesut Ozil were the people who supported Lakazet’s outspoken position. In the middle of the pitch, Jack Wilshire and Granit Jacka had to resist the Atletico’s aggressive midfielder, and the defending box against goalkeeper David Ospina was in the composition of Ector Belerin, Laurent Cosielli, Shkodran Mustafi and Nacho Montreal.

For Arsenal winning the Europa League was the only chance to secure a Champions League participation next season. In addition, the “balls” were ambitious to send Wenger to the trophy, who already announced that he was leaving the club at the end of the campaign.
Simeone was punished after his incessant behavior during the first match, and Herman Burgos’s place on the bench today. There are a number of famous celebrities, including tennis raffael Rafael Nadal.

Atletico started with self-confidence and was the more active team in the opening minutes. Most los rohiblancos attacks were on the left flank. Arsenal backed with a breakthrough and dangerous centering of Lakatse, but Thomas was careful and cleared to the corner.

In the 6th minute Diego Kosta defeated Nacho Monreal and came into the penalty area but from a small angle sent the ball over the door. Seconds later, the captain of the guests Laurent Cosiellini was injured. The French national slipped poorly and his response made him feel very painful. He was pulled out on a stretcher, and instead of him in the game appeared the Clam Chambers. After 15 minutes Arsenal tried to move the action further away from his door. The “gunners” skillfully held the ball and were looking for a free man on the flank to center on Lakat. Atletico did not mind to go halfway and rely on counterattacks. In one of them, the ball came to Diego Kosta in the penalty area, but the Brazilian with a Spanish passport delayed and failed to hand over to the uncovered Grossman.

In the 28th minute, Arsenal created a great stir in front of the Cloud door, but Diego Godin kept calmly killing Jossil’s sharp centering. Ten minutes later, Coke fired a tremendous shot and the ball passed very close to the beam. Grizzan also had the chance to find the result. The French undisturbed mastered the ball in the penalty area, turned and shot, but the ball went out.
Arsenal’s defense was confused in those minutes. A nice nice attack from Atletico reached the pennant and Kosta handed to Vitole but he was wrong. But there was no one to save the guests at the very end of the half. After clearing Thomas, the ball fell into Grizzman, who with a brilliant pass led Diego Kosta and he overcame Osina. The striker of the Madrid was completely alone at the time of the shot, and the runner-up Belerin could not stop him.
The second part starts dynamically and with interesting situations in front of both doors. First, Iosil had the opportunity to equalize, but the ball at the last minute was knocked at his leg. Diego Cošta fired a penalty pass from the left box and put the ball in the net.

In the 59th minute, Grizzman shoots from a free kick in the off. The ball did not go far from the beam, but Osmpa rightly thought it would come out. In the attack, Ozil reached the outfit and for any time Atletico’s defender reached out and cleared.
In the 63rd minute Jacka tried to surprise the Cloud, but he knocked in the corner. Atletico was also attacking dangerously. Kotta used his mighty physics to overcome two Arsenal players, but then decided to shoot instead of handing over to Coke, which was the wrong decision.

In the 67th minute, Madrid was again near the goal. Combi combines with Grizzman who shoots, but Arsenal’s defender at the last minute made a swing at the foot of the Frenchman, and Ospina caught the bouncing ball. In the middle of the second half, Wenger dropped Mitcheryan instead of Wilshire. The Armenian immediately appeared. In the 71st minute, his powerful shot passed centimeters above the crossbar and made Atletico fans quiver.

A quarter hour before the finish, Grizzman technically made his way into the penalty area, but he slowed down and the opportunity was over. Simeone’s team easily took the ball and stayed in Arsenal’s half. Guests did not have time and it made them nervous. Together he got tired and in the 83rd minute Burgos changed him with Fernando Torres, who was the last home game in the European Tournament with Atletico’s team. The Kid could immediately rejoice the stadium with a second and decisive goal, but Ospeda saved his strong kick.

In the last minutes, Arsenal failed to create anything dangerous in front of the Cloud door. Atletico’s players won every single fight and waited for the final judging signal, after which Ciolo Simeone broke into wild joy.

The final in Lyon is on May 16th.

Europa League Semifinals:

1: 0 E. House (45)

ATHLETIC: Cloud; T. Taye (90 – Savic), H. Jimenez, Godin, L. Hernandez; Vitola (74 – A. Korea), Saul, Gabi, Coke; Grizzman, D. Kosta (83 – F. Torres)
Senior coach: D. Simeone
ARSENAL: Opsina; Bealerin, Cosies (12 – Chambers), Mustafa, Montreal; Wilshire, Jack; Ramsey, Welbeck, Iosil; Lakazet
Senior coach: A. Wenger

YELLOW CARDS: Gabi, Saul, D. Kosta (A); Wilshire, Montreal, Mustafa (A)